Oneida bankruptcy lawyers’ tips for dealing with collection calls

What to Do If a Collection Company Calls

The easiest way to ruin your day is by talking to a collection company hounding you for money. Although these companies are just doing their job on behalf of your creditors, you have options for getting them to stop calling.

For this, you need a plan that includes prioritizing debt.

That way, you can determine which creditor you should pay first.

Once you prioritize your financial obligations, you can then determine how much and when to pay according to your income. Only after putting together a realistic plan, should you contact your creditors to ask if they are willing to accept the terms. In most cases, creditors will work with you; otherwise, they may not recoup their money at all.

The next time you receive a phone call from a collection company, instead of getting angry or upset, ask for the caller’s name, as well as the company’s name, address, and telephone number. You also want to confirm the name of the creditor and the full amount owed. With that information, let the caller know that you are going over your budget and will contact him or her once you know how much you can afford. Just make sure that you never make a promise to pay during the call.

Working with an Oneida Bankruptcy Lawyer

If the process is overwhelming, you can always reach out to our team of bankruptcy attorneys in Oneida. Our professionals will guide you through the process of devising a plan by looking at your debt-to-income ratio, the number of creditors, and other factors. When finished, your lawyer will have a plan that your creditors should accept.

Collection companies have one goal: to get you to pay. As part of this, these companies use extremely forceful demands as a means of instilling fear that prompts you to make a rash decision. However, you will be advised by your bankruptcy attorney in Oneida to never make a financial decision, regardless of how big or small, while under stress.

Instead, during the initial call with the collection company or in follow-up calls, politely advise the caller that you are working on a repayment plan and once you have it figured out, you will contact him or her.

If the caller continues using pressure tactics, simply hang up.

Whether you want to create a plan when dealing with collection companies or get out of debt completely by filing for bankruptcy, you need assistance from a legal professional. Therefore, you want to hire the best Oneida bankruptcy lawyer possible. We will stop the harassing phone calls and help you achieve a better financial position.

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